About Mark

Mark is passionate about taking risks to follow the revolutionary teachings of Jesus and shares stories from his personal experiences. In 1998 he and his family moved to inner city San Francisco to pioneer a neighborhood Christian community. He is the founding director of ReIMAGINE, a center for integral Christian practice based in San Francisco, where he leads an annual series of retreats, learning labs, conversations and projects designed to help participants integrate the teachings of Jesus into every aspect of life.

A sought after voice for creative, radical and embodied Christian practice, he speaks nationally and internationally at conferences, universities and churches, offering training and coaching to leaders and organizations. Wherever Mark travels and speaks he hopes to inspire groups to take a more active and creative approach to spiritual formation and missional engagement.  He is the author of FREE: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most (IVP 2013), Practicing the Way of Jesus (InterVarsity Press 2011) and Soul Graffiti (Jossey-Bass 2007) and contributor to the Animate:FAITH video series (Augsburg Fortress 2012).

Mark has been married to his wife Lisa for twenty three  years, they have three young adult children and live in the Mission District of San Francisco. He enjoys running, biking, cooking, dumpster diving, home coffee roasting, long city walks, going on dates with Lisa and watching T.V. and films with their kids.