Quick money tips for college students

This past year I had a chance to talk with hundreds of college students about their life dreams and financial realities.  During one training I realized that it might be helpful to develop a financial planning worksheet geared specifically towards the needs of college students. (see below) College is a great time to learn how [...]

How To Be a Christian Without Going to Church

This week, my friend Kelly Bean is releasing a new book, How To Be A Christian Without Going to Church: The Unofficial Guide to Alternative Forms of Christian Community, published by Baker. This is a book I wish I’d been able to get my hands on twenty years ago when I was making important and [...]

Quacking Like A Wild Goose for 30% Less!

In ancient times the tabernacle was a temporary and portable place of assembly and worship for people on the move. The tribes of Israel gathered under the belief that in the midst of their mixing, meeting, greeting, camping, feasting and rituals they would encounter the voice and presence of the Creator.  (photo credit, Courtney Perry) [...]

Where are all the men? The conspicuous absence of males in urban service.

Here’s a recent article I wrote posted on the Mission Year website. Photo of me and George Fox crew and me and one of the Mission Year Men (see any resemblance?) Recently, my wife Lisa and I visited the Mission Year teams in Houston. We toured the beautiful third ward neighborhood and then headed over [...]

My complicated relationship with locality

Here’s a piece I wrote for a ReIMAGINE conversation about the Spirituality of Place. I’ve also included a vintage photo of myself circa 1999.(photo credit to artist Pavel Romaniko) Those who know me well roll their eyes whenever they hear my answer to the question, “Where are you from?” I was conceived in Pamplona Spain, [...]

Slow Church and good hair cuts

My friends Chris Smith and John Pattison recently released a new book called Slow Church, for which I gave this whole hearted endorsement: “Hurry, worry, stress and striving have come to dominate human consciousness in the 21st century– the logical consequences of a society built on individualism and productivity at any cost. We long for [...]

No one owns the river

Here’s a short story I wrote for our Awakening Creativity Learning Lab this month. Our goal was to write a story about an experience of love and home and when we began to long for true home and true parent. An interesting constraint was to locate the story around a particular geographic landmark– and I [...]

Simple living writer impulsively buys a gold and diamond bling ring

I recently finished writing a book about abundance, generosity and contentment called FREE. Three days before this book was released, I went out and spent many hundreds of dollars on a flashy gold ring with three diamonds. The moment the jewelry store worker handed me the receipt and my little felt covered box, I got sick [...]