Saying “Yes” to Life

My life is in you I receive this moment as a gift All that has been, and what lies ahead, and the exact manner of creature that I am, remain a mystery to me, beyond understanding. But I trust the love that spoke the world into existence. I say “yes” to whatever this day will […]

Flipped by Doug Pagitt

Today my old buddy Doug Pagitt, released a new book called Flipped.  In this book Doug calls into question common assumptions about where God is in relation to us and how the divine being intersects with our lives. This book is an echo of what I’ve alway thought to be one of the most compelling statements […]

Go see Selma!

Last night Lisa and I were invited to attend a San Francisco prescreening of the film, Selma.  I am neither a film critic nor a Civil Rights historian, so I’ll leave the critical reviews to those more qualified. I was shocked, shattered and inspired by this film, which attempts to tell the larger story of […]

Simple Tip of the Week: Seek Creative Solutions

On Saturday I made it my ambition to solve a 16 year old problem we’ve had in our bathroom: moldy towels. Well, technically the towels tend to mildew. There are 5 of us showering  and because of uneven studs in the walls, it’s impossible to get a towel rack to stay up. So, for years […]

Faith Forward: Children, Youth and Spirituality

Many of us experience uncertainty and angst when it comes to the spiritual nurturing of children.  There are certainly ways of talking about God and the human condition that are less than helpful. From a fear of doing it poorly many parents shy away from any instruction or conversation about ultimate questions. But this isn’t […]

Pursuing What Matters Most in 2015

When people come to me for life advise I often ask them, “What is your life purpose,?” If they are in a partnered relationship I will ask, “What is your shared purpose as a family?” I am surprised by how often, couples in particular, tell me they have never discussed their shared purpose and goals. […]

Quick money tips for college students

This past year I had a chance to talk with hundreds of college students about their life dreams and financial realities.  During one training I realized that it might be helpful to develop a financial planning worksheet geared specifically towards the needs of college students. (see below) College is a great time to learn how […]

How To Be a Christian Without Going to Church

This week, my friend Kelly Bean is releasing a new book, How To Be A Christian Without Going to Church: The Unofficial Guide to Alternative Forms of Christian Community, published by Baker. This is a book I wish I’d been able to get my hands on twenty years ago when I was making important and […]