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FREE: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most

Why does chasing the good life make us feel so bad? We dream big and spend our money and time chasing our dreams—only to find ourselves exhausted, deeply in debt and spiritually empty. Mark and Lisa Scandrette realized at the beginning of their lives together that what they want, what they need and what they were being told to want didn’t sync up. In Free Mark (with a little help from Lisa) shares the secrets of how they bought a home and raised a family debt-free in the most expensive city in the United States—and how they’ve enjoyed good relationships, good adventures and good food along the way. Packed with helpful exercises for getting a handle on your money story, and designed for healing and generative money conversations with friends, Free gives you a path to financial freedom and spiritual flourishing that awakens your heart and energizes your soul.

Animate Faith: Adult Formation Video Series.

Sparkhouse/ Augsburg Fortress brought together seven leading Christian voices to create an accessible, captivating exploration of big questions of the Christian faith – designed to spark conversation in faith communities like yours. From what we hear, it’s working. Voices including Mark Scandrette, Nadia Bolz-Weber and Brian McLaren.

Practicing the way of Jesus

So many of us want to live in the way of Jesus—pursuing a life that is deeply soulful, connected to our real needs and good news to our world. Yet too often our methods of spiritual formation are individualistic, information driven or disconnected from the details of every day life. If Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated and taught a revolutionary way of love that is actually possible, alive with healing and hope, then we need a path for experiencing that revolution in the details of our daily lives. We may need to rediscover a sense of immediacy and action in our spiritual practices.

Soul Graffiti book coverSoul Graffiti

Many people have found SOUL GRAFFITI to be a practical tool for helping people explore a more holistic and integrative understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus. I believe that the times we are living have brought up new questions about what it means to be spiritual or God-conscious, and for Christians in particular, what it means to follow the way of Jesus given the complexity of an emerging global culture.


The Gospel After Christendom

Emerging and missional church movements are an increasingly global phenomenon; they exist as holistic communities that defy dualistic Western forms of church. Until now, many of the voices from these movements have gone unheard. In this volume, Ryan Bolger assembles some of the most innovative church leaders from around the world to share their candid insider stories about how God is transforming their communities in an entirely new era for the church. It explores what’s happening now in innovative church movements in continental Europe, Asia, and Latin American and in African American hip-hop cultures.


The theology is rich, the instructions for practices are clear and inviting, but above all, this book’s strength lies in its stories of real-life people, their endeavors, visions, attempts, struggles. ... read more
Paul Lai Public educator and lay church leader. Hayward, California