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Happy Belated Birthday MLK

Hearing the song “Pride” by U2 in the fall of 1987 was something of an epiphany for me.   In the spring, before I’d moved from Minneapolis to rural Alabama, many of my socially conscious and progress schoolmates had mourned my relocation to the dark segregated past of the Southern United States. In our minds […]


Eight years ago we started getting people together to explore the intersection of Creativity and Spirituality. For a couple of years we used Julie Cameron’s The Artist’s Way as a guide. Gradually we began creating our own curriculum, borrowing from the best of her “tools” including morning pages, but more rooted in the essential narrative […]

ReIMAGINE January Newsletter

The ReIMAGINE January Newsletter is out. Check out our Bay Area events and places where I will be teaching around the country. Tweet

Awakening Creativity 2013

What will you do in 2013 to open yourself to greater risks, growth and imagination? Why not start the year with some practices to reawaken your creativity and spiritual life. Join us beginning January 8th for a 6 week Learning Lab in San Francisco called Awakening Creativity. Go here for a further description and to […]

Two silent nights, three silent days

Here’s an excerpt from my book, Practicing the Way of Jesus, that describes the first group silent retreat we facilitated. We’ll be doing our annual silent retreat, Creating Space,  January 4-6 at Camp Hammer in the Santa Cruz Mountains. For more information and to register go here. Very early in the morning, while it was […]

Alcohol questions and best practices

At our story telling event about drinking on Monday night we did a group flip chart brainstorm about why we drink, honest questions we have about our use of alcohol  and best practices for using alcohol wisely. See below: REASONS WHY WE DRINK? To fill the time To show off stamina To relax As a […]

Liquid Cheer

Monday we hosted a conversation about alcohol, inviting six story tellers to share from their varying experiences of negotiating the place of alcohol in their spiritual life.  One story-teller had never had alcohol, another is an alcoholic who has now been clean and sober for 8 years. Other’s shared about the various roles, good and […]

Walking the streets of San Francisco with Tom and Christine Sine

Had a fun day walking the streets with Tom and Christine Sine. Tom grew up in San Francisco in the 1940’s in an apartment on Nob Hill. It was fun to hear him tell stories about his adventures as a boy in SF, when the Mark Hopkins hotel was the tallest building in the city. […]

Upcoming Speaking

Now that the book is off to the copy editor, I’ll be back on the road speaking a bit in January and February. Here’s a list of some of the places I’ll be: Tweet

Tony Kriz– Neighbors and Wise men

My friend, Tony Kriz, recently released a new book called Neighbors and Wise Men. Its a series of stories revealing how conversations with “outsiders” to Christian faith have been part of his spiritual journey.  I met Tony back in the day when he and Don Miller would bring groups of Reed students to make art with […]