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Personality and Spiritual Journey Stories

Monday night about 40 of us gathered in an attic apartment in the Mission District to share stories about spiritual journey and personality type. Nine story-tellers representing the nine basic types of the Enneagram system described what integration and spiritual growth has looked like for them.  Joseph Farley has posted his Enneagram 5 story here. […]

Breakfast with William Crawley

I had breakfast this morning with Will Crawley, a man with a fascinating story who works as a journalist and documentary film maker with the BBC. Dr. Crawley is on a two month foundation endowment trip across the U.S. to exploring the intersection of science, religion and politics. He’s been meeting with leaders from across the […]

We belong to one another

Several years ago during a discussion in one of our Learning Labs, Sarah told us that she grew up in a very “conservative” family. I found this description interesting because I knew that her father had divorced and remarried several times and, in her words, subsisted  “on martinis and cigars.” What she meant is that […]


Some friends have started a magazine. Check it out here: Tweet

My friend Dieter

Last week I stopped off for lunch with my old friend and mentor, Dieter Zander. I first met Dieter 12 years ago when he was speaking at a Willow Creek Conference at Bethel Seminary in Minneapolis– and I was instantly smitten by his articulate gentleness and urbane creativity– qualities I had rarely encountered in the […]


was a real success, a great gathering of people from the Lower Haight neighborhood, Seven and ReIMAGINE around food, friendship, poetry and music. Someone snapped this photo of me: Tweet


My friend Andrew McLeod will be speaking on his book, Holy Cooperation: Building Graceful Economies Sunday evening December 14 at 8 P.M. hosted by Church of the Sojourners located at 1129 Florida, between 23rd and 24th. Andrew McLeod is a cooperative development consultant who works with the California Center for Cooperative Development (Davis, Calif.) and […]


Dan Kimball and family were kind enough to make the drive up from Santa Cruz to see our show in Oakland this summer– even though they had been displaced by the forest fires near their home. (Am just posting now because I finally figured out how to reduce photo size). Tweet

Last minute: an evening soiree with my friend Gareth Higgins

My friend Gareth Higgins is in town for a night and we thought it might be fun to get a few people together. Gareth and I met in London and have spent time together in L.A., Nashville, SF and the Bahamas. We like to talk about sex, God, justice, literature and art– and together make […]

Preacher Withee is coming back!

Today I started growing out facial hair again for that indomitable and loveable preacher A.L. Withee, who will be spreading revival wild fire with Big Brother Duke and The professor in Pittsburgh in a few weeks at the National Youth Worker’s Convention. This was my favorite photo of the Preacher from the Church Basement Roadshow […]