From the blog posted on Jun 30 2014

How To Be a Christian Without Going to Church

This week, my friend Kelly Bean is releasing a new book, How To Be A Christian Without Going to Church: The Unofficial Guide to Alternative Forms of Christian Community, published by Baker. This is a book I wish I'd been able to get my hands on twenty years ago when I was making important and difficult faith transitions. When you hear it's title, you might imagine it to be a reactive book that critiques existing church forms--that would have more

FREE: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most

Practicing the Way Of Jesus Book by Mark Scandrette

A new book by Mark and Lisa Scandrette that addresses important questions about money, meaning and global sustainability. Filled with practical steps and exercises to help you cultivate a heart of abundance and time and financial skills. Includes a detailed study guide and links to 8 videos, making it ideal for group use.  Become more free to spend your time and money on what matters most.

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